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Board of Directors

Susan Worteck Chadds Ford CFTRA

Susan Worteck (President) and her family moved to Chadds Ford from Landenberg, PA in 1998. She’s served the community in many capacities such as Judge of Elections and board member for the Chadds Ford Historical Society and Civic Association of Chadds Ford Township. She has over 35 years of marketing and communications experience having held senior marketing roles in financial services companies in both Wilmington and Philadelphia. She believes Chadds Ford is a special place where history, culture, community and a beautiful landscape come together. She rejoined the CFTRA board in 2021 to help the township preserve those characteristics. 

Jody Allen Ford CFTRA

Joseph (Jody) Allen (Treasurer) grew up in Chadds Ford and attended Chadds Ford Elementary School and Unionville Middle School.  After graduating from Brown University, Jody returned to Chadds Ford and began his career by opening the Barnes & Noble in the Concord Mall.  Several years later, he moved to New York City and managed B&N stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn before moving to Morocco.  After his daughter’s birth, he and his wife Melissa moved back to Chadds Ford to raise their daughter who will be a first grader at Chadds Ford Elementary School in 2024.  Having grown up in Chadds Ford, Jody has always appreciated the uniqueness of the area which encompasses beautiful open spaces, rich history, and strong cultural institutions such as the Brandywine River Museum.  He and his wife are avid trail runners often seen on the Beaver Valley trails or at trail races throughout the Brandywine Valley.  Since returning to Chadds Ford in 2018, he has volunteered as a poll worker in Delaware County and currently serves a Committeeperson in Chadds Ford SW.

Jesse Sheppard Chadds Ford CFTRA

Jesse Sheppard (Vice President), a filmmaker and musician, moved from the suburbs of New York City to Chadds Ford with his wife, Ina, and their 3 young children in the summer of 2005.  At the time, the area’s beauty and location were what attracted him; but since then, the little ones have graduated and he has fallen in love with the history and people of this area.  From the time he has spent as a Cub Scout leader, to his stint as Treasurer of his homeowners association, to the work he has done as an Election Day poll worker and Chadds Ford SW Committee-person, Jesse has always sought to build community and sees his service on the Residents Association Board as an extension of that commitment. 

Tex Varney Chadds Ford CFTRA

Eric “Tex” Varney (Secretary) was born and raised in Chadds Ford, where he and his wife Genevieve recently celebrated their 15th anniversary.  As a youngster he served in Boy Scout Troop 260 and his first job was with The Chadds Ford Tree Service.  Later, he started the local chapter of Chadds Ford REACT, an organization dedicated to assisting emergency services, and joined the Concordville Fire Department, where he is a lifetime member.  He volunteers over 1,000 hours each year at the Wilmington and Western Railroad, keeping the track straight and the trains running.  In edition, he donates time to the Auburn Heights Museum, the Friends of Brandywine Springs Park, Habitat for Humanity, and he remains active with the Boy Scouts. Professionally, he has worked for more than 25 years managing events from live theater, to concerts and festivals, to temporarily catering and medical sites, to presidential events and even the U.S. Papal visit. He sees his work on the Association board as following in the footsteps of his mother, God rest her soul, who was a former member of the Chadds Ford Civic Association as well as a volunteer at the Rachel Koll Library and Historical Society. 

Katharine King Chadds Ford CFTRA

Katharine King moved to Chadds Ford with her family in 1969 and attended Unionionville High School; which is where she met her future husband, Rob, a lifelong resident of the township. She has fond memories of hunting in the woods behind their first small house off Bullock Road. Eventually purchasing a beautiful property on Ring Road, Katharine and Rob grew their business (Chadds Ford Tree Service), raised four amazing children, and attended church right here in town. Over that time Katharine has been an active member of every community she touched. When the kids were young, she volunteered as a Girl Scout mom and helped with school productions at the Wilmington Christian School. Later, she was a member of the Chadds Ford Women’s Club as well as the Chadds Ford Business Association, and she served as a representative of Chadds Ford Township at the Delaware County Council on Environmental Affairs.  For over ten years she also served as a Poll Worker on Election Day. Through her work on the CFTRA Board she hopes to continue to share her gifts with her community and help those around her feel connected.

Carolyn Daniels Chadds Ford CFTRA

Carolyn Daniels moved to the area with her husband in 1984, and for almost three decades she has focused on preserving and protecting the unique charm of this wonderful community by developing relationships as a neighbor and volunteer.  Starting in November 2013, she was elected for two terms as Chadds Ford and Pennsbury Township’s School Board Director serving on the board as Communications Director, and then later as Curriculum and Education Director.  She also served on the Wellness Board, where she was instrumental in developing her personal point of pride, the UCFSD Concussion Policy.  Carolyn has also worked on the PTO Executive Board as well as the Chadds Ford Township Open Space Task Force, and is now serving on the Chadds Ford Historic Architecture Review Board (HARB) as well as the Pennsbury Land Trust. For the past eight years she has been a member of the Ridings Homeowner’s Association Executive Board, serving for the past two as HOA President. Her career started with positions in Corporate Communications and Business Development in Dean Witter, Moody’s, and Dun and Bradstreet, and her most recent position was with Wilmington Trust working in Corporate Financial Services and Business Development. Now having raised her four children in Chadds Ford, she enjoys the many treasures that make us so proud to call this township our home and she hopes to continue her work for our community on the CFTRA Board.

Stacy Haurin Chadds Ford CFTRA

Stacey Haurin has lived in the Township for over 20 years where she raised 2 boys in the UCF Schools and Boy Scout Troop 31. Her passion is data with a business focus. She is a strategic thinker with more than 20 years of experience in Data Architecture, DataModeling, Data Governance, and MDM.  She has designed and implemented data strategies and data frameworks for a variety of companies in the Philadelphia area. Stacey has two decades of experience on Boards within her professional community, serving in the roles of President, VP of Programs and VP of Chapter Services. She looks forward to promoting community through events aligned with the Chadds Ford way of life.

Shawn D'Ignazio Chadds Ford CFTRA

Shawn D’Ignazio moved to Chadds Ford from Media in 2014 with his wife, Krissy, and their two children. Over the years, Shawn spent countless hours on the softball field helping his daughter achieve her dreams, and on the riverbanks (or in tree stands!) honing his son into a great sportsman. He has spent much time in Philadelphia and North Carolina working with homeless Veterans. As a land developer, the beautiful landscapes in the Chadds Ford area drew him in, while the desire to protect the integrity of the community from over-development remains steadfast. Shawn enjoys spending time on the Bocce courts and in his family’s wine cellar determined to make the next perfect vintage. Through his work on the CFTRA Board he hopes to help foster a sense of camaraderie in our community.