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Who We Are

The Chadds Ford Township Residents Association is a volunteer, non-profit, civic organization located in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania whose mission is to create a strong sense of community within the Township, support its residents and businesses, and help retain the area’s unique historical quality and rural character.

The Association is a non-political and non-partisan organization funded through donations and membership. It works in partnership with, but it is independent from, the Chadds Ford Township Government.

Our Mission

  • To serve as a central hub connecting Chadds Ford residents to the diverse and unique resources of their township.
  • To provide timely information about our government, businesses, and area attractions – as well as local weather and traffic – through our website and social media platforms, such as the Facebook group Chadds Ford Pennsylvania.
  • To recognize the achievements of the wonderful people who live here by awarding the Annual Scholarship, Citizen of the Year, and Business of the Year awards.
  • To create a sense of community and conserve the environment through local events and activities like the Roadside Clean Up, Recycling Day, and Food Drive.
  • To educate residents about the historic nature of our Township through community events, guest speakers, and The CFTRA’s online presence.
  • To partner with the Township to provide community outreach as well as support for emergency response efforts with the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program, providing assistance to residents affected by disasters such as floods or fire.
  • To encourage civic engagement by sharing information about local government and elections.
  • To support local business by connecting them with local residents and anyone who loves Chadds Ford.
  • To welcome new residents and provide them with information about the community.


Susan Worteck, President

Jesse Sheppard, Vice President

Jody Allen, Treasurer

Tex Varney, Secretary


Residential Membership Committee

Co-Chairs: Susan Worteck & Katharine King

Business Membership and Award Committee

Chair: Shawn D’Ignazio

Co-Chair: Carolyn Daniels

Cultural Organizations Partnership Committee

Co-Chairs: Jody Allen, Carolyn Daniels, & Katharine King

Community Engagement & Events Committee

Chair: Jody Allen

Co-Chairs: Shawn D’Ignazio, Tex Varney & Stacey Haurin

Communications Committee

Website & Graphic Design Chair: Jesse Sheppard

Website & Graphic Design Co-Chair: Stacey Haurin

Social Media & Media Relations Chair: Susan Worteck

Social Media & Media Relations Co-Chairs: Tex Varney & Jesse Sheppard

Awards Committee

Chair: Susan Worteck

Co-Chair: Katharine King

By-Laws Committee

Chair: Tex Varney

Co-Chairs: Jody Allen & Stacey Haurin


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